We take the quality of the birds we import seriously.  I have personally gone to visit some of the most professional breeders in Europe. We like to buy birds bred in outdoor aviaries by experienced aviculturists and certified captive breeding programs.  Of course, it is one of our principles not to deal in wild caught birds.

Just to set the record straight, we frequently hear people make unfounded claims about the pet trade in Asia.  I once even heard the claim that "the Chinese had eaten all their birds."  Not only are the breeders from whom we purchase our birds good people with only the best interests of the animals in mind, but so are the breeders to whom we sell our birds.  Our clients are bird aficionados or experienced and knowledgeable breeders themselves.  When we first started this, we were concerned about the moral and ethical concerns about the pet trade.  Of course, there are those concerns, and we take them seriously and hope to contribute to resolving them.  Others have pointed out that aviculture can contribute a lot to captive breeding programs and may be essential in keeping certain endangered birds alive.

Above all, keeping birds is a rewarding and enjoyable experience, and we share our experience with others who have or would like to have birds themselves.  We like to sell to people who have the best interests of the animals in mind.

If you have a breeding program or keep an aviary and are looking for some of the birds you have seen on our website, let us find them and manage their delivery to you.  Our greatest skill is finding the best birds for you and ensuring that your shipment of live animals is expedited promptly and safely.

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