Recent Shipments Going Out

New Birds for Export!

We have recently formed a partnership with a large breeding farm and are now offering more birds for export. Have a look at the pictures below to get an idea of what is available. We have the following birds available: Canaries,  Lovebirds, Chinese Bulbul, Society Finch/Bengalese finch, Red-crested Canary, English Budgies, Streak-breasted Scimitar Babbler, mixed cockatiel, albino/lutino cockatiel, White-eared Sibia, Black Bulbul, Gouldian Finch (in blue, silver, albino, lutino mutations), Java Sparrows (white, silver, fawn, grey), Zebra finch, grassfinch/longtail finch, Shama, Laughing Thrush, Yuhina, Owl finch, Star finches, and more! 

 Red-faced Pineapples

Red-faced Pinnapples have a lot of variation in the amount of red showing on their fronts.  The ones with more extreme red coloration are usually more expensive, and harder to find in higher quantities, but they are available.  We have higher quantities of the kind pictured below. The ones we keep are super-friendly and healthy, and will make great breeding pairs.


This is a pair of our Suncheeks from 2011. They have a rich, red belly and are probably a "grade B". We had a lot more "grade A" red suncheeks come in this summer, 2013, and you can see them below. Some of the A+ Suncheeks are sporting a peach-colored head - a new variation that is raising eyebrows in the breeder commmunity! Suncheeks will be available for export in 2014.  Call or email for details.

 A Selection of our Latest Shipments

Also featured are Cinnamon Greencheeks, Turquoise Greencheeks, Ara Macao, Amazon Aestiva Xanthopteryx, and Ramphastos Toco.

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