For Export Only - Terms and Conditions

1. We require full payment at least 4 days before shipping.  A deposit of at least 30% is required to collect/reserve birds.  The full balance must be paid before we ship, but for first time customers, we can accept 70% payment + shipping/freight, and the final 30% can be paid after you receive the birds.  Please also note that we can only guarantee you will get the birds you ordered if we receive a deposit.  Otherwise, we will try our best to collect the birds on your requirement, but we cannot guarantee it unless you've given a deposit. Once a deposit is received, you can consider the birds reserved. Birds can of course be added to the order, but not subtracted at this point.

2. We only ship birds in good, healthy condition. We always take pictures of the birds the same day as shipping.

3. No refunds or discounts under 3% losses in transit.

4. Losses over 3% must be reported with accompanying pictures within 24 hours of arrival of birds at destination.

5. If some birds are deemed not healthy enough to make the journey to your country, we will sometimes remove a few heads on shipping day because they don't reach our standards for quality. We are committed to giving you all the birds on your order.  So if we remove a few heads on shipping day, and we don't have enough in stock to replace them, we will replace them in your next order, or, failing that, we will reimburse you your money for the birds not shipped. 

6. Prices quoted in our proforma invoice are CNF destination and are not insured.

7. Aegis International Trade Co. Ltd and all of its affiliates assume no responsibility for loss or damage to birds in transit due to acts of God, force majeure, or negligence on the part of airline staff or quarantine personnel in transit.

For Import Only - Terms and Conditions

We have steady sources and high-quality birds, but please make sure that you agree to these stipulations before you make an order:

  1. Once an order has been submitted, no further changes can be made.  Upon receipt of an Aegis International proforma invoice, subtractions to the order will incur a penalty of at least 50% of the value (quoted) of the birds being subtracted. Additions are allowed, but only when possible and only if they do not affect the shipping arrangements!
  2. Once we determine that the birds or other animals you ordered are available, we will submit a proforma invoice and we require at least 50% deposit.
  3. The process of importing live animals from abroad is complicated.  Arrival times are estimated and are subject to change. Unexpected delays can arise during the process of obtaining proper CITES documentation and health certificates, in the arrangement of shipping, or due to inclement weather. Delays are possible of up to 2 months or more. If the order is delayed, we would appreciate your patience.  Cancellation is not allowed and will result in a full forfeiture of deposits and other payments made, as well, the birds will become the property of Aegis International.
  4. All shipments are quoted in FOB prices. Once shipping has been arranged, the customer is required to pay all shipping costs and associated fees.  Failure to pay will result in a full forfeiture of deposit and other payments made to either Aegis or the other third-party sellers. Additionally, the birds will become the property of Aegis International.  Buyers need to be aware that shipping internationally is complicated. The buyer assumes responsibility for all unexpected charges and fees that may be incurred during transit, such as USDA quarantine and supervision overtime charges, document fees, and other freight forwarder charges.
  5. When the animals arrive at destination, the buyer must be present to take possession of the shipment. No changes to the order will be allowed after the buyer takes possession of the cargo.
  6. We charge a 20% service fee for every order, payable with the payment of balance owing (after the buyer receives a copy of the CITES.
  7. For orders of over one million New Taiwan dollars, discounts are available.

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